Thursday, September 26, 2019

Juniper Jones

Juniper Jones is the delectable stage name for Jamieson Briar.  A sought after drag queen Jamieson, or Juniper as he prefers to be known lives in a stunning Art Deco home on the banks of Lake Brock. 

Having moved to Beguile over fifteen years ago he is a well respected citizen that donates to many local causes and is always known to give a helping hand if required.  

His wealth, though enhanced by his stunning performances at various local, national and at times international venues, comes mainly from the sea.  

Juniper does a roaring trade in treasures he salvages from the sea.  Some Beguile residents have questioned this side business of the glamorous drag queen, especially as there is no boat at the dock in front of his beautiful home.  

The truth is that Juniper doesn’t need a boat to explore the seas for trinkets and treasures and this is mainly due to Junipers other identity.  This one he keeps to himself but for the one time he saved that girl Lorelei.  

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Emmett Kingston

Emmett Kingston is the Beguile butcher.  The business has been in his family for decades and the shop has been a reliable source of meat goods for Beguile residents since its doors opened in 1922. 

The shop has all manner of meat products and sources most of its fresh meat from the larger local farms.  Consistent good quality and a friendly approach to customers and vendors alike have resulted in the shops popularity and ensuing longevity. 

Emmett lives above the store with his mother Maude.  His father died recently so he has no plans to leave his newly grieving mother on her own just yet, despite the protestations of his current girlfriend Tanzy Thomas. 

Although the butcher shop and the apartment are traditionally decorated and beautifully cared for there is one room at the very back of the shop that causes a ripple of interest when things are quiet in the town.  

Right next to the main walk in freezer there is a red door.  The door seems to always be closed.  Some more curious customers, however, who have wandered to the back of the shop, have made some outrageous claims about what they believed they glimpsed in the small room on a rare occasion it was open. As only a few witnesses have seen the contents of the room briefly and in questionable light, their claims are slightly dubious.  There are some however that claim to have seen a bloody human heart, under a large glass cloche, still inexplicably beating.  Those claiming to have witnessed this anomaly have always been brushed off as fanciful or inebriated.  The whispers however, as with all small towns, continue. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Flossie Finnegan

Flossie Finnegan is a well know, if slightly eccentric, resident of Beguile.  As a child she had been fascinated by birds.  So much so that her Aunt Adelaide had purchased her an exotic parrot from a far away land when she was six years old.  Flossie loved the brightly coloured parrot that had lived until Flossie’s thirty fifth year.  The parrot who she affectionately called Bligh, was often seen riding along on the young woman’s shoulder. 

Over the years she had pursued her interests in birds and was considered a capable, despite being amateur,  ornithologist.  Flossie spent part of the year in the Wild Woods and the mountains beyond cataloguing the exotic bird life of Beguile. 

Many believed her knowledge of birds was uncanny.  Infact ornithologists from all over the world religiously read the small paper she published monthly called the Chirper.  

What no one knew however was how Flossie acquired her knowledge about birds.  Of course unbeknownst to everyone her knowledge had started with her long conversations with Bligh.   Since then she daily spoke to all manner of feathered creatures from the small vibrating humming birds to the ungainly large beaked water birds that live long the shore of Lake Brock.   Though her favourites are the small black and white feathered tattle tails that tell her all about everything going on in Beguile. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Knox Church

Knox Church was built as a place for the Presbyterian congregation among the founding families of Beguile to come together and pray.

Staunch believers, they survived the wave of itinerant preachers and even the construction of the much grander Catholic Church,  St Sebastian’s. 

Humble and stark,  Knox Church doesn’t reflect the wealth and extravagance of its members but instead serves as a place of devotion. Minister Tom has resided over the proceedings in the church for the last twenty five years with no sign yet of retiring.  In recent years a younger minister called Martin has assisted in the daily running of the church with the blessing of the Elders of the congregation. 

The church itself was built using wood and stones from the surrounding areas of Beguile. The pews each have a small letter carved into them representing the founding Elders. 

One of the founding Elders of Knox Church and the first serving Minister of the congregation, Tovey Sinclair, is said to still attend Sunday Services despite being deceased for almost ninety years. The Sinclair pew is always left with a space to accomodate the spectral minister who has been known to appear at times when a grieving, wanton or forlorn member of the congregation requires some extra assurance or guidance.