Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Flossie Finnegan

Flossie Finnegan is a well know, if slightly eccentric, resident of Beguile.  As a child she had been fascinated by birds.  So much so that her Aunt Adelaide had purchased her an exotic parrot from a far away land when she was six years old.  Flossie loved the brightly coloured parrot that had lived until Flossie’s thirty fifth year.  The parrot who she affectionately called Bligh, was often seen riding along on the young woman’s shoulder. 

Over the years she had pursued her interests in birds and was considered a capable, despite being amateur,  ornithologist.  Flossie spent part of the year in the Wild Woods and the mountains beyond cataloguing the exotic bird life of Beguile. 

Many believed her knowledge of birds was uncanny.  Infact ornithologists from all over the world religiously read the small paper she published monthly called the Chirper.  

What no one knew however was how Flossie acquired her knowledge about birds.  Of course unbeknownst to everyone her knowledge had started with her long conversations with Bligh.   Since then she daily spoke to all manner of feathered creatures from the small vibrating humming birds to the ungainly large beaked water birds that live long the shore of Lake Brock.   Though her favourites are the small black and white feathered tattle tails that tell her all about everything going on in Beguile. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Knox Church

Knox Church was built as a place for the Presbyterian congregation among the founding families of Beguile to come together and pray.

Staunch believers, they survived the wave of itinerant preachers and even the construction of the much grander Catholic Church,  St Sebastian’s. 

Humble and stark,  Knox Church doesn’t reflect the wealth and extravagance of its members but instead serves as a place of devotion. Minister Tom has resided over the proceedings in the church for the last twenty five years with no sign yet of retiring.  In recent years a younger minister called Martin has assisted in the daily running of the church with the blessing of the Elders of the congregation. 

The church itself was built using wood and stones from the surrounding areas of Beguile. The pews each have a small letter carved into them representing the founding Elders. 

One of the founding Elders of Knox Church and the first serving Minister of the congregation, Tovey Sinclair, is said to still attend Sunday Services despite being deceased for almost ninety years. The Sinclair pew is always left with a space to accomodate the spectral minister who has been known to appear at times when a grieving, wanton or forlorn member of the congregation requires some extra assurance or guidance.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Betty’s Bed and Breakfast

Betty Florins had a dream.  She wanted to turn the home she had shared with her husband Thaddeus, for thirty years, into a welcoming bed and breakfast.  After Thaddeus had died Betty had rattled around in the large home they had once hoped would be filled with children and happiness. 

Once a decent period of grieving had passed Betty made her plan real. Betty’s Bed and Breakfast still serves as a hospitable place for a traveller to spend a few nights and enjoy the beauty of Betty’s home.  She always has little treats for the younger guests that she carefully chooses from Lucy Landry’s delightful store.  

Betty’s Bed and Breakfast boasts seven luxurious rooms, ambrosial gardens and a relaxing patio.  Guests to the Bed and Breakfast are encouraged to enjoy all the facilities and beauty that the home offers.  Although they are free to explore the magnificent abode there is one place in the house that has a red rope and a note written in delicate handwriting forbidding entry to the general public.  The door that is locked to guests leads downward into the cavernous basement. Most that pass the bolted door assume that it serves merely as a service and storage area for the Bed and Breakfast.  Guests that sometimes think they hear something that makes them pause for a fleeting, unsettling moment shrug off whatever they thought they heard and continue on their way.  

As happens in small towns many rumours abound about the basement of Betty’s Bed and Breakfast and what is actually down there.  Whispered gossip aside the Bed and Breakfast always offers a place of beauty and sanctuary to the weary traveller. 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Marie and Elsie

One of the quarters of historic Beguile is home to many immigrants.  They have made the quarter interesting both architecturally and in the wonderful smells of exotic foods that waft enticingly from the many restaurants and cafes.  The stores in the quarter are famously filled with curious and unusual wares. 

Marie Macrini has lived in the quarter all her life.  She came with her family as a small child and still resides in the home, on Oak Street her father built.  Although her parents have long since departed she remembers them fondly. 

Marie lives a quiet life with her devoted cat Absinthe.  Despite living alone since the death of her parents, Marie never feels lonely because of Elsie.  

When she was a child Marie had made friends with one of the neighbourhood children, Elsie.  She lived three doors down and was the only girl in a family of four children.  Marie and Elsie loved playing together until the night that Elsie had been taken. Her bloody and crumpled body found a few days later in a deserted warehouse on the outskirts of the town. 

The murder of her small friend had never been solved, the authorities deciding it must have been perpetrated by some transient visitor to the area. 

Marie knew that the killer was closer, Elsie had told her who had hurt and killed her.  Marie had not been shocked when Elsie had come to visit her after her death.   Marie and her father had always been able to see and talk to the dead. Although Marie had spoken in great detail about what had happened to Elsie and who had hurt her, there was no proof. 

The summer after Elsie ‘s death the adults in Oak Street had decided to throw a large street party.  No-one knows how the deadly leaf from the poisonous shrub had fallen into Tom Hadler’s cup.  The small leaf had gone unnoticed and was tipped away when the remnants of the party were cleared away.  He had died later that night of natural causes. 

Elsie and Marie had had a small celebration of their own the next day. Since then Elsie had lived in the Macrini house with her best friend Marie. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fox Footwear

Fox Footwear had been established by Hudson Fox in Beguile in 1901. From one of the original Beguile families, Hudson was known for his dapper appearance. Catering to the footwear needs of the townsfolk of Beguile, Fox Footwear had gained a reputation for quality and originality in their handmade products.  

Currently run by Frederick Fox, Hudson’s great-grandson, the small business still produces high quality merchandise.  It seems that the original work of Hudson still permeates the handmade products.  There are even rumours that the small antique shoe shine box that sits in the corner of the store is actually used by the long dead Hudson as a sort of portal to leave patterns for new unique shoes, at night when the store is empty. 

That’s just one of those small town whispers though. 

Monday, August 5, 2019

Lucy Landry

The candy store in Beguile is one of the most popular stores with the locals and any transient visitors that happen to venture into the town. 

Lucy Landry is the owner and the confectioner.  She is known to the locals as a powerful kitchen witch, skills she applies to the colourful and scrumptious confectionery in her store.  In general Lucy knows what you need and her recommendations always result in the desired outcome. 

Lucy has a most affectionate and well thought of pet rodent,  some believe familiar, called Iggy.  Many have commented on the sentient manners and kindness of the small critter.  Lucy has taught the rodent well.  There are some that believe Iggy is actually Ignatius Turner, a former suitor of Lucy who broke her heart and purportedly left Beguile with his new love. But that’s just small town hearsay, supposedly. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Jonas Everhart

Jonas Everhart lives on the very brink of the Wild Woods in Beguile. His home was built by his great grandpappy, the formidable Josiah Everhart who is celebrated in the town square by a weathered plaque on a wooden bench facing the fountain. 

Like Josiah, Jonas takes his role as the guardian very seriously. He is diligent in his night patrols of the Wild Woods, never afraid of the rumoured nocturnal things that reportedly lurk in the dense forest. Even on the few occasions he has seen the spectral light of Annie he has not blanched,  but instead waved a friendly greeting to the ghost and called to her that he too will keep his eyes open for her missing son. 

The thing that Jonas really fears is the creature he has glimpsed several times since he became the guardian.  It’s the reason that guardians have operated in Beguile, unbeknownst to the townsfolk, who believed the Everharts to simply be a founding family.  The creature who can take many forms prefers on meeting you to take the form of the person you love the most. For Jonas this was Isabel.  She was taken by illness many years ago and buried in a beautiful ceremony by the Griffiths.  This doesn’t stop her from turning up on the very fringe of the Wild Woods and calling Jonas in a luring yet melancholy way.  The nights he sees Isabel are always the hardest for the guardian.